Lauren Brown West-Rosenthal

Shannon is never speaking to Vicki again, and we don't blame her
Kelly takes back every apology then denies she's got anger issues. Well, okay then!
Where Shannon and Kelly go low and Vicki's description of heaven sounds like she shoud be high
It looks like Vicki will never ever get back together with these ladies
Kelly goes on an apology tour after dropping one of the biggest bombshells ever
What do you do with a problem like Kelly?
It's doubtful that Kelly will ever recover from taking a low blow at Tamra and her daughter
Vicki versus Shannon -- a battle over who is the biggest liar in the land is waged
Kelly reveals the truth about her marriage -- and it's worse than we thought
Shannon's mother-in-law gives manipulation a whole new meaning
An accident with a dune buggy is the wake-up call no one saw coming
Will Tamra ever learn to just keep her mouth shut?
Kelly and Vicki are the odd women out while Shannon's on cloud nine
Shannon and Kelly enter a chilly cold war
Why are Shannon and her gang trying to 'hijack' Kelly?
Meghan and Shannon are not ready to forget Cancer-gate, but we're VERY ready for them to move on
Is Tamra finally going to let Vicki back in the nook?
Are Kelly and Vicki destined to whoop it up together?