LaToya Ferguson

For better or worse, the call to fight spreads like wildfire
On the brink of war, a few days can feel like an eternity
Rosalee's going to get her family back if it's the last thing she does
Harriet Tubman finally speaks to the people
For the 'Underground' crew, danger lurks around every corner
Cato's freedom dream becomes Noah's waking nightmare
H.G. Wells must go to 1918 Paris and stop John "Jack the Ripper" Stevenson from saving his son's life.
Rosalee and Ernestine must learn how to survive, both in body and mind
H.G. Wells and Jane Walker go back in time to 1980 to uncover the mysteries that elude them.
Elizabeth grieves John's death, as Rosalee goes on her first solo mission
John "Jack the Ripper" Stevenson gives H.G. Wells a deadline to hand him the time machine. Will he make it?
Rosalee teams up with Harriet Tubman to free the slaves
H.G. Wells must stop Jack the Ripper... in 2017
Political pressure and a new epidemic turn up the heat
Dustin Lance Black's new miniseries tells the story of the LGBT rights movement in San Francisco in the '70s... and beyond
Rebecca and Josh's wedding is finally here... or is it?
Rebecca can't do it all herself... but she's going to try.