Kelli Bamforth

The Mockingbird's true identity changes everything... for everyone
Tommy makes a game-changing return to L.A.
There's a lot more than one con artist in town
The ghosts of relationships past threaten to tear Alice and Ben apart
Alice's past demons hint at an uncertain future for her and Ben
A secret from Margot's past could change everything for Ben and Alice
A fed-up Keane is done playing ball with her enemies
The past comes back in a big way for Alice and Margot
Unlikely relationships develop as Ben and Alice find themselves at odds once again
Alice and Margot team up as Ben and Rhys go undercover
Ben's surprise deal with the FBI leaves his future with Alice up in the air.
If Dorothy and Lucas had Facebook in Oz, their relationship status would be 'It's complicated.'
Alliances start to form in anticipation of the coming war.
Hayes revisits the decade-old case that brought her and Wallace together
Dorothy and the Wizard come face-to-face — and, of course, there's a twist.
The Wizard's guards catch up to Dorothy
The Wizard may not be as great and powerful as he lets on
With a murderer on the loose, the stakes have never been higher for the CIU.
Swept up into a tornado, 20-year-old Dorothy Gale is transported to another world — a mystical land with an all-powerful ruler called The Wizard.
After the tragic execution of Earl Slavitt — and a passionate night with Conner — Hayes throws herself into the CIU's next case.
All eyes are on Sam as the CIU reviews a case from his past