Keertana Sastry

The top 10 kids take on their first live show as one mentor is replaced
The Liars (and friends) scramble to save Hanna from A.D.'s clutches
Hugo Strange is finally arrested, but Indian Hill's ending spells more danger for season 3
Christy worries about raising enough money for her college tuition and Violet's life choices, but Bonnie is more than helpful on both fronts
Dre's worries about a new round of layoffs lead to the Johnson family stepping into the world of the classic '70s sitcom 'Good Times'
Hugo Strange reanimates Fish Mooney while Gordon, Bruce, and Lucius are held captive by the evil doc
When the entire family gets the flu, Dre is called upon to nurse his kids back to health for the first time — and Bow's 'sickness' turns out to be one big surprise
Azrael continues his quest to kill Gordon — but adds another name to his hit list
The CBS procedural ends its 11th season with an uncertain future
Dre worries the Johnson family living situation is not enough for Junior after he begins hanging out with teenagers from extremely wealthy families
Hugo Strange manipulates a newly resurrected Theo toward destruction as Gordon continues searching for justice for the Wayne murders
Dre worries about his family's perfect 'Huxtables-esque' image after rumors of layoffs while Bow's perfect auction goes horribly wrong
Rich Dotcom returns for a heist-centric episode as Mayfair's past comes back in a big way
Bruce and Gordon discover Thomas and Martha Wayne's real killer as a familiar face is reborn
Dre and Bow argue over whether women should change their last names after marriage as Ruby struggles to accept her daughter's soon-to-be wife
Ed's crimes against Gordon are finally revealed as Oswald becomes the Penguin once again
Dre and Bow debate (and mostly argue) over who should take care of their kids if they die
Jessica's life turns into an episode of 'Melrose Place' as Louis learns about Emery's 'scream jars'
Gordon encounters new dangers in Blackgate as Oswald's dream family life shatters in front of his eyes
The Johnson family gets a new nanny, which makes Dre uncomfortable and Bow a little too comfortable
Ed sets Gordon up to take the fall for a terrible murder while Penguin meets his long-lost father
Jack's basketball talent is co-opted by Dre's over-enthusiasm and showcased by Diane's scathing documentary
Bruce finds his parents' killer as Hugo Strange continues Penguin's unorthodox treatment
The Last Chance Kitchen winner joins the final three cooks for a card-themed Quickfire and a magical elimination challenge
Victor Fries continues his plan to save his wife but starts to find his true villainy instead thanks to Hugo Strange