Kate Sullivan

Jessica King leaves '''So You Think You Can Dance''; see others whose 15 minutes of fame ended early
While the brothers receive some good legal news, the Company continues to pursue them
Half the cast lines up in pursuit of T-Bag and his bag in Panama
Sara, Michael, and Lincoln race for the boat to Panama; meanwhile, Sucre pursues T-Bag in Mexico
The boys take their evidence to the president; meanwhile, Mahone may be in trouble again
Without the correct date stamp, the Terrence Steadman tape is useless
Michael and Sara enlist the help of a familiar figure; meanwhile, C-Note turns himself in
The two lovebirds get a little love on the run; meanwhile, Haywire and C-Note have problems with the law
Michael and Lincoln tape a statement for the press -- and Sara
The brothers and Kellerman attempt to seize the president's brother and make him talk
Mahone is ordered to kill the brothers before they arrive in prison
Michael dredges up painful memories of his father as the fugitives have to take off
A hitman misses his target, and Mahone and Kellerman consider disobeying orders
Michael reunites with Sara and faces off with Mahone
The escapee digs up dirt on the fed with the help of his ex-wife
Loyalties are put to the test after one convict runs off with the money
Resistance to the evil government agents proves to be deadly -- twice
In a lovefest of a finale, it was all about harmony
In the last performance episode, Hal, Alfonso, and Lucy pick their own partners and play to their own strengths
Cheech coasts through his number, while Hal keeps posing as a rocker
Some of the nonsingers mess up their presentation worse than their vocals
The convicts check in but don't always check out; meanwhile, Bellick catches the brothers
In the second outing, some contestants start to shoot out sparks
Angela defends her sense of style and tells the story of her battles with Jeffrey
B-listers risk -- and sometimes achieve -- embarrassment singing with better qualified partners