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Evictions Noticed: 20 Abrupt Reality TV Farewells

Jessica King leaves '''So You Think You Can Dance''; see others whose 15 minutes of fame ended early
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The ''Prison Break'' finale: A whole new con game

While the brothers receive some good legal news, the Company continues to pursue them
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''Prison Break'': Fleeing the country

Sara, Michael, and Lincoln race for the boat to Panama; meanwhile, Sucre pursues T-Bag in Mexico
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''Prison Break'': The tape's dirty secrets

The boys take their evidence to the president; meanwhile, Mahone may be in trouble again
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''Prison Break'': Faulty evidence

Without the correct date stamp, the Terrence Steadman tape is useless
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''Prison Break'': Guess who's back?

Michael and Sara enlist the help of a familiar figure; meanwhile, C-Note turns himself in
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''Prison Break'': Sara and Michael have a moment

The two lovebirds get a little love on the run; meanwhile, Haywire and C-Note have problems with the law
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''Prison Break'': The feds' weaknesses

A hitman misses his target, and Mahone and Kellerman consider disobeying orders