Kat Ward

Lena Dunham guest stars as Olivia Pope delves into D.C.'s dirty deeds
A man willing to reveal B613 surfaces as Olivia reenters normal life.
The auction for Olivia Pope takes an unexpected turn.
The whole tangled web of Scandal's secrets come to light in the winter finale.
Olivia Pope comes face to face with her kidnappers in the midseason premiere.
Olivia's lovers, friends, and enemies--and really, aren't they all the same thing--mobilize to find her.
Olivia is sold and saved and sold again.
Ferguson comes to Olivia Pope's Washington.
We bid our final farewells to Leslie Knope and the residents of Pawnee, Indiana.
A death in Pawnee puts things in perspective.
The last episode of Andy Dwyer's show is very special, indeed.
Leslie's refusal to bake a pie throws Pawnee into a tizzy.
A trip to D.C. illuminates the professional future for both April and Leslie.
Donna and Joe commit to each other, while Ben and Leslie commit to yet another political campaign.
Pawnee gets together to save its beloved waffle joint.