Kat Rosenfield

Saul Goodman's client list keeps growing, while Jimmy McGill's bridges burn.
Hank Schrader is alive in the past (and in our hearts) as a new client tests Saul's wheeling and dealing abilities.
Two enterprising young men take full advantage of Saul Goodman's promotional rate for non-violent felonies.
Gene Takovic has a close call in Omaha; Saul Goodman makes his big legal debut.
In 2019, a surprise guest arrives at Camp Redwood in search of the truth about the massacre.
It's ghosts versus killers versus killer ghosts as American Horror Story sets up for its final spandex showdown.
The ghosts of Camp Redwood are numerous, and fabulous.
It's an all-night rampage at Camp Redwood, as everyone's killer instincts emerge.
Ray and Rita reveal terrible secrets; several people are impaled.
A 1980s Red Wedding illuminates Brooke's backstory, as two serial killers wreak havoc on Camp Redwood.
A group of spandex-loving camp counselors converge on the site of a grisly massacre.