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Can we please shift the focus away from actresses' bodies — and onto their bodies of work? Melissa McCarthy, for one, deserves better
''Skyhorse's memoir is a West Coast version of Augusten Burroughs' Running With Scissors. Both boys were at the mercy of outrageous mothers who dazzled their sons with their wild sense of drama.''
''In the grisly pilot episode, squirrelly insurance agent Lester (Martin Freeman) jokingly enlists smooth and grim hitman Lorne (Billy Bob Thornton) to kill his former high school bully. Lester's vague act of complicity in a bad man's death kicks off more murders and the almost comedic unraveling of his own life.''
Amazon wants a bigger bite of Hachette's sales; how this industry showdown affects you -- and the entire future of publishing
''What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. At least that's the verbal handshake delivered in most Sin City stories. But then Laura McBride's stirring first novel, We Are Called to Rise, set in suburban planned developments and trash-strewn rough neighborhoods, is unlike any Vegas tale I've ever read, mostly because it's about the ordinary people who call it home.''
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The respected actor shares with us a few pearls of wisdom