Karen Valby

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Don blows off his work trip in favor of a young temptress, while Peggy changes her look thanks to the new man in her life
Romance novels were once the book world's dirty little secret. No more. Thanks in part to e-readers and ''Fifty Shades of Grey,'' they're now the hottest fiction genre going. An EW special report.
Ali needs new school shoes, so Maura foots the bill. Sarah tells her kids their Moppa is magic.
Ed is missing, a fact that only seems to alarm Ali. Josh finally learns the truth about his Dad.
Maura comes out to Ali, and then the Pfefferman women hit the mall. Ugh, Rita.
Maura struggles to tell her son the truth about herself, while Sarah rather recklessly does some coming out of her own.
A father comes out to her oldest daughter.
On the series premiere of the Amazon's new family dramedy, Jeffrey Tambor's Maura is unable to introduce herself to her three children.
Cristela Alonzo was tired of auditioning to play a housekeeper, so the 35-year-old comedian created a house of her own: ABC's new semi-autobiographical sitcom ''Cristela'' about a legal intern (Alonzo) balancing work and family in Texas; here's how she did it
After a few years out of the spotlight, Katherine Heigl returns to her small-screen roots with NBC's new political drama; we ask the star about taking on the role of CIA analyst Charleston Tucker, the sudden loss of ''State'''s showrunner, and the best way to deal with a difficult reputation
In a rare interview, the Italian literary sensation concealed behind the pseudonym Elena Ferrante talks about her inspirations, her savagely smart novels, and her insistence on anonymity
Nicole Perlman is the first woman to get a screenwriting credit on a Marvel movie; here's hoping she's the first of a new wave
A radical animated series from Pakistan, ''Burka Avenger,'' features a heroine who battles oppression with ideas (and pens) mightier than the sword