Justin Kirkland

The second set of the top 24 takes the stage for solos.
You can't take Command, but you can force him to stand in the sun.
Hello? Is it a cover song you're looking for?
Mellie is wearing the White Hat. Recognize.
With Grace's dad moves in, she invites Will's mother over to get a taste of his own medicine. It quickly backfires though.
You have one job. Don't. Forget. The. Words.
Charlie, you in danger, girl
Grace honors her mother's dying wish
If at first you don't succeed, throw on your best kitten heels and try again
If you can't glow with your voice, try some skincare products
You can't be an example without setting one
If your phone is on airplane mode, how are you supposed to broadcast a terrorist attack?
If you haven't had the Megabus special, you're missing out
Nothing like a father's love and a son's love and a grandfather's love and...