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Upcoming date movies

We look at the next batch of films that will have you snuggling with your sweetie, from ''Sleepless in Seattle,'' to ''Love Affair''
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Spike Lee: Doctoral thesis equals TV?

The director has purchased the rights to ''Slim's Table'' and is taking the drama to the small screen
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Tristar Pictures back on the map

With new movies like ''Sleepless in Seattle'' and ''Philadelphia'' coming out, the once-falling studio is staging a comeback -- but is chairman Mike Medavoy to thank?
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''The Crow'': The comic book

A tradgedy of his own was the inspiration behind James O'Barr's cult favorite creation
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Disasters plague the set of ''The Crow''

Injuries, car accidents, and even bad weather assault the upcoming Paramount horror film
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An entertainment education

Sundance and the NBC Associate program are where Hollywood's up-and-comers go to learn the ropes
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Sundance standouts of 1993

''Boxing Helena'' and ''El Mariachi'' are among the best films at the annual film festival
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The Coen brothers

Will Ethan and Joel Coen make it big with their latest film, ''The Hudsucker Proxy''?
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Wolfgang Bodison

The neophyte actor hopes ''A Few Good Men'' is the beginning of a long film career