Josh Wolk

Josh Wolk is a senior editor at EW and the author of ''Cabin Pressure: One Man's Desparate Attempt to Recapture His Youth as a Camp Counselor''
In a double episode, the teams visit a concentration camp, then stuff themselves with sausages
Todd plays a dangerous game with the immunity idol, and a yucky food challenge hurls his twisted plan back in his face
Jaime exits after the merge when she plays what she hopes is an immunity idol, but Jeff Probst tosses it into the fire pit
While James and Parvati bickered and Jason went idol hunting, Natalie came out of nowhere to take charge of the game
Trapped in a banana suit, Casey realizes that he's been tricked, while Lydia slowly goes crazy for Jessie. Literally crazy.
FIRST, DO NO FARM. HE'S GOT THE DRIVE The deadly haystack challenge from season 6 returns to drive the final five teams crazy
Mika freaks out on a water slide, and the Globetrotters help her freak out just a little bit more
Teams face heat and cold in the Persian Gulf, while we wonder what's going wrong with the challenges this season
As Lance declares his jungle supremacy, the Globetrotters take charge in Vietnam
The final HOH is decided by a wild final guess, and that lucky winner bounds all the way to the $500,000 check 
After two live evictions, and some awesome jury-house trash talk by Jeff, 'Big Brother 11' names its victor