Josh Wolk

Josh Wolk is a senior editor at EW and the author of ''Cabin Pressure: One Man's Desparate Attempt to Recapture His Youth as a Camp Counselor''

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''The Amazing Race'': Twice as inappropriate

In a double episode, the teams visit a concentration camp, then stuff themselves with sausages
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Survivor recap: Gag Reflux

Todd plays a dangerous game with the immunity idol, and a yucky food challenge hurls his twisted plan back in his face
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Survivor recap: Burn, Baby, Burn

Jaime exits after the merge when she plays what she hopes is an immunity idol, but Jeff Probst tosses it into the fire pit
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Survivor recap: A New Force Rises

While James and Parvati bickered and Jason went idol hunting, Natalie came out of nowhere to take charge of the game
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Big Brother recap: The Peel World

Trapped in a banana suit, Casey realizes that he's been tricked, while Lydia slowly goes crazy for Jessie. Literally crazy.
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The Amazing Race recap: Hit the Hay

FIRST, DO NO FARM. HE'S GOT THE DRIVE The deadly haystack challenge from season 6 returns to drive the final five teams crazy
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