Joseph Brannigan Lynch

Mark and Bopper go chrome dome; Vanessa face-plants; Art and J.J. fume their way through India
Most of the teams fumble through a Bollywood dance routine, with an overheated Mark very nearly quitting the Race
Six teams compete on the plains of Africa, but only five survive
A close leg of the Race brings tensions, insults and bickering to the forefront
As Alcatraz moves toward an uncertain fate, so does one of the main characters
After spinning 180 degrees underwater and searching an automotive apple orchard, another team is eliminated
A solid, unsettling lead-in to the upcoming season finale
Eight teams compete for the million bucks by sculpting beards and sliding gnomes
An innocent man turns criminal after some dubious experimentation
Prego! Unexpected kindness and predictable couples' drama abound in Turin
Back-to-back episodes suggest the producers are starting to get the tone of the series locked down
Another team is eliminated after a grueling round of tasks in Paraguay
Shattered glass, solar energy and bovine division makes for a meaty episode
It's a matter of life and death (twice) on Glee's winter finale
Spurned physical attraction fuels a con's penchant for fatal chemical reactions
Clowns from Jersey, Big Brother, Kentucky and actual career clowns take center stage on the season 20 premiere
Rachel's dads react to her engagement; Glee Project winner Samuel Larsen makes his debut
The team plays real-life minesweeper when an inmate blankets the city with bombs
Guest star Ricky Martin helps Will realize he's totally unqualified for his job as Spanish teacher
An Alcatraz guard is on a rampage, but why is he so obsessed with finding Rebecca Madsen's grandfather?
With its tribute to the late King of Pop, 'Glee' hits a season high point
While Madsen and Soto tackle a bank robber, we uncover more about the mysteries fueling the series.
The unsettling calling card from an Alcatraz child-killer pops up in a present-day kidnapping
Will plots proposing to Emma and Finn learns a harrowing family secret
There's a compelling twist at the end of the two-hour premiere of J.J. Abrams' new series