Jonathon Dornbush

It will take a city's worth of hope and strength to combat Damien Darhk's nuclear Armageddon in the show's season finale
Barry is fast and furious as he faces off with Zoom to protect the multiverse
All is not quiet at the Abigail crew's new home as Travis searches for Chris, Nick thinks himself invisible, and Daniel is seeing ghosts of his past.
Oliver and Diggle attempt to save Thea while Felicity and her father use all their hacking prowess to stop Damien Darhk's use of Rubicon
Team Flash figures out how to deal with Zoom's army of metas while Barry can't stop feeling positive even in the face of evil...until he suffers a loss
Chris proves he's the absolute worst as the Abigail crew finally makes its way to Mexico
Drake gives it his all, but 'SNL' fails to consistently deliver the laughs in its penultimate episode of the season.
The powerful Kevin Smith-directed episode sees Barry come to terms with his greatest pain to regain his speed
Captives are taken on both sides as Alicia wants to find her family and Madison focuses solely on saving hers
Brie Larson helps 'SNL' celebrate Mother's Day with a charming and consistently fun episode.
John Diggle must make the ultimate decision about his brother Andy while Oliver learns how to combat Damien's magic
Zoom returns to Central City to wreak havoc as Barry struggles with whether to be part of a second particle accelerator explosion
A familiar voice comes to invade the Abigail while Strand's history is unveiled
The members of Team Arrow all grapple with Laurel's death in their own ways — which leads to a lot of self-blame
Barry adjusts to life without his speed just as an angry metahuman kidnaps Harry
A scavenging trip puts some of the group face-to-face with a walker horde while Madison's morality is tested once again
Zoom's past is revealed as he comes for The Flash's speed, proving how both he and Barry are alike yet completely different
The season 2 premiere of Syfy's time-travel series is both a strong set-up episode and a great jumping-on point
Elaine Benes, a Tony Hale cameo, and a few great Weekend Update hosts round out an uneven episode.
A pit stop on an island turns disastrous when the Abigail crew meets a family just waiting to come undone
The showdown with the Beast arrives — but not without a wedding, loss, and a few devastating revelations first