John Vilanova

Three's a crowd a week away from the finale.
There can only be one.
Part one of the Top Chef finale asks chefs to draw direct inspiration from Mexican art.
Top Chef's final four must innovate to make it to the finale rounds.
A spot in the finale is up for grabs in a family-focused Top Chef Boston battle.
Chefs attempt to master the art of French cooking in a Julia Child-inspired elimination challenge.
From literature to laterals, this week's Top Chef has something for everyone.
Unlikely returns and departures shake up the Top Chef kitchen.
After six weeks of battles, the chefs are ready for "war."
Top Chef does Thanksgiving—17th century style.
Top Chefs battle head-to-head in Revolutionary War-themed challenges.
Top Chef contestants try to make a name for themselves at a Boston institution.
Top Chef brings fine dining to Fenway Park.
Top Chef honors Boston's first-responders, but one chef burns with a fire that can't be put out.
Sixteen new cheftestants battle in Boston for the season premiere of TV's top culinary competition.
Nine chefs duel to determine a culinary champion.
A traditionalist Top Chef Master battles a culinary newcomer for the soul of the American South.
Top Chef's two female champions do battle in a culinary garden of forbidden delights.
Two Top Chef complainants have their day in culinary court.
Rob Zombie presides over a duel to the culinary death between two of Top Chef's most recognizably reformed villains.
Two Top Chef Masters experience the most "bizarre" battle yet.
After sourcing their ingredients from the forest floor, two past players face off in a battle for the culinary soul of Scandinavia.
Two all-star chefs compete family style.
Two chefs who made it this close in their respective seasons return for a head-to-head.