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Savvy biz moves

Quit renewing failing shows, and our other advice for network presidents
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Alphabet Soup

As Jamie Tarses exits the hot pot that is corporate ABC, the question remains: Are too many cooks spoiling the net?
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On The Air

The latest news from the TV beat
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Fall TV preview: Monday new shows

'Law and Order: Special Victims Unit,' 'The Parkers,' and other new shows premiering on Mondays in fall 1999
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David Duchovny vs. Fox

In an exclusive interview, David Duchovny accuses Twentieth Century Fox of bilking him out of X-Files profits and alleges that creator Chris Carter is in on the conspiracy.
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David Duchovny explains why he's suing Fox

He tells EW why he wants the network to pay for lost ''X-Files'' profits
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TV laugh tracks are fading away

''Sports Night'' isn't the only show to cut down on the fake yuks