Jodi Walker

Reddington sends Nicholas Obenrader to the Post Office.
It may feature multiple switch-a-roos, various double-crosses, and at least one fair-weather professor, but at its core, this episode of 'The Blacklist' is all about the heist.
Elizabeth Keen finally returns to our screens to share her side of the story.
Reddington has been escaping into his new girlfriend's life, only to find his life bleeding into — and endangering — hers.
Red has been a little bogged down by his many spinning plates recently, but when backed into a corner, he shows up and shows out.
Cooper and Reddington are more at odds than ever before, and it's losing them leads on Lizzie.
Reddington may lay down his life for Dembe's, but that doesn't mean he always understands his pain.
Liz finally connects with the one and only Neville Townsend, but she's taken virtual meetings to a whole new level.
Red makes a personal connection, with heartbreaking results.
As Liz gets in touch with more Blacklisters, her plan to take down Reddington becomes even more mysterious.
Reddington says a fitting goodbye to Glen in tribute to Blacklist actor Clark Middleton.
Liz is nowhere to be found in this episode, but the robbery of Reddington's safety deposit box has her name written all over it.
Kyle, Carl, Lindsay and the gang are back in the Hamptons — and this time there's a global pandemic AND a margarita machine!
Reddington and the Task Force are on the hunt for Elizabeth Keen in 'The Blacklist' season 8, episode 4, but she’s not going to make it easy on them.