Jeroen Amin

The Doctor goes head-to-head with Missy and her army of the Cyberdead.
The first half of the season finale begins as the Doctor discovers what happens in the afterlife.
The Earth gets covered by trees. Or is it being invaded by trees?
A small complication turns Clara into the Doctor for a day.
A classic train recreated in space and haunted by an even more classic monster. What could go wrong?
Clara is forced to decide between the life of an innocent or the fate of humanity, and the Doctor decides to bow out.
The Doctor goes in deep cover at Clara's school to stop an alien robot from destroying the planet—and the children. No biggie.
The Doctor and Clara have to rob a bank—with no idea why or how.
The Doctor hunts for the monster under the bed.
The Doctor and Clara meet Robin Hood.
The Doctor has to enter the insides of a Dalek to discover how it has turned good.
A new Doctor contends with a series of strange murders, his companions, and himself.