Jennifer Arellano

All original judges are back! Blind auditions begin and become heated over a rugby-playing, indie-pop crooner
More blind auditions! Judges fight over singers with hidden talents and two very different kinds of divas
There's no spelling 'superstar' without 'team.' Blind auditions roll on...
The judges get extra-picky; a season 4 reject returns for another blind audition
The blind auditions come to a close; all the judges' teams are complete
We get a crash course on the most memorable blind auditions this season
The battle rounds begin. The judges make some interesting choices for steals.
Contestants duke it out during more battle rounds; defensive dancing might actually be a thing
In these battle rounds, the contestants must show that they have an emotional connection to their songs
In the final night of battle rounds, Christina makes a questionable song choice and Cee Lo makes a good steal
In the knockout rounds, the coaches begin weeding out their weakest singers
In the last night of the knockout rounds, some singers go bold and others make costly mistakes.
In the first of the live rounds, artists from Team Blake and Team Adam perform
Artists from Team Christina and Team Cee Lo perform in the second night of live rounds
The artists perform with their teams before the top 12 contestants are revealed
The top 12 singers perform live; the coaches' song choices cement frontrunners and reveal weaknesses in others
Two of the Top 12 head home; Carson Daly fires up the first-ever Twitter-driven "instant save"
The Top 10 artists perform; Coach Cee Lo and Coach Christina have some unusual cross-training methods for their students
The final top eight singers are revealed after two more go home. Also, we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for a "sexy" announcement
The final eight singers perform; coaches emphasize emotional excess over technical prowess
The top 6 artists are revealed; Cee Lo Green and Ellie Goulding perform
The remaining six singers perform two songs each -- a personal choice and a coach's choice
Kelly Clarkson performs and the top six become the top five
The final five singers perform; Adam Levine invites his team over for a breakfast powwow
The final three artists are revealed; past finalists and winners perform