Jeffrey Wells

Oliver Stone's director's cut revells in mindless violence
Entertainment news for June 28
Stars from Meg Ryan to John Travolta have backed out of movies
Leonardo DiCaprio eyes ''Titanic'' role
''Twister,'' ''Independence Day,'' and ''Deep Impact'' add special effects to danger and doom
Is Barbra Streisand's new movie reflecting badly on the star?
With ''Crumb'' out of the running, and ''Hoop Dreams'' ignored, the spotlight should fall on ''Unzipped,'' ''The Battle Over Citizen Kane,'' and ''Anne Frank Remembered''
''Die Hard With a Vengeance'''s success is spurring imitations, including ''Daylight,'' ''Executive Decision,'' and ''Sudden Death''
We recap the tiffs currently doing the rounds, including Kathie Lee Gifford vs Michael Gelman, and Rob Schneider vs ''Inconvenienced''
Movie producer Victor Salva's controversial past draws unwanted attention
Former skipper of the ''Exxon Valdez'' revered by film's villain
''Independence Day'' and ''Mars Attacks!'' are two of the films featuring creatures from space
A haircut and a hot body change the star?s image as Robin in ''Batman Forever''
Director Tony Scott captures the USS Alabama as it submerges to finish filming
The actor has agreed to a second "Santa Clause" although probably not until 2006
The star of "Ellen" is set to appear in "Mr. Wrong"
This time, Arnold Schwarzenegger gets in on the action
Greg Kinnear may not actually be playing Harrison Ford's brother
The actress is campaigning to be in the Australian flick, "Tracks"
Big stars like Jodie Foster and Oliver Stone are walking away from new projects... — and not for the usual reasons
The current TV series will be put into three new films and 15 new TV episodes
The actor injures his leg during baseball role
The $60 million futuristic set is under construction in Hawaii
The controversial director follows up ''Natural Born Killers'' with the biopic ''Noriega''
Who will replace River Phoenix in 'Interview With the Vampire'?