Jackson McHenry

Lucious sets his sights on an unruly talent. Cookie coaches Tianna.
Empire heads to its IPO. Lucious gets game-changing news.
Hakeem and Jamal race to finish new projects.
Jamal's ambition messes with his personal life.
The Lyon family preps for an investor showcase.
Cookie plans a family collaboration. Jamal has big news.
When Anika betrays the label, the Lyon family jumps to action.
Andre goes through therapy. Lucious' past catches up with him.
Cookie seeks out an old friend. The conflict between Lucious and Jamal comes to a head.
Lucious and Cookie fight over a PR crisis. Jamal and Hakeem try to stay friends.
Music mogul Lucious Lyon looks for a successor among his sons, while his ex-con ex-wife gets all up in his business.
Jake and Charles spend eight days bickering in a condemned hotel. Rosa courts a beau.
In the land of Brooklyn, Christmas brings car thieves, Giggle Pig, and Lobster Thermidor.
Jake and Sophia and Amy and Teddy head upstate a for a night full of romantic tension and creepy dolls.
Jake tries to work with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service's lead investigator without going postal himself.
A Thanksgiving biohazard scare sets the precinct on lockdown and puts Jake's leadership skills to the test.
In an episode full of improbable circumstances, Amy gets involved in the race union rep and Jake hits it off with Eva Longoria.
There's a mole in the precinct, and the hunt for him turns up everyone's secrets. Meanwhile, Terry and Diaz look for drugs at a disco.
Jake and Holt double down on last year's bet, Terry wants Gina to get serious, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine recycles plot like last year's candy.
When Holt and Terry leave the office, the rest of the team face off in a contest of wills, bets, and bagels.
Kyra Sedgwick guest stars as Captain Holt's old rival. Jake and Terry explore the world of vasectomies, milk bars, and friendship.
Jake returns to the force, and then goes back undercover. Meanwhile, Captain Holt makes the station run drills.