Ilana Kaplan

The Singer-turned-author, who goes by the moniker Japanese Breakfast, paints a vivid portrait of identity, loss, and a mother's love in her new memoir.
The Paramore singer's latest solo album grapples with pain that’s been lying in wait.
The recently re-issued album, which had been out of print for 21 years, finds the quartet at the preliminary stages of discovering its sound.
"I just did what the f—k I wanted to do for the first time in so long, and it felt good."
The singer's ninth studio album, her first since 2012, is filled with themes that have been woven throughout her work over the years.
“I try to hold the note as long as I can, so that people think that I'm going to stop," says the Savages singer. "But I never stop."
The R&B performer's sophomore effort is filled with candid observations on romance. As she tells EW, who her fans “were listening to at 19 is a completely different girl than who they're experiencing at 25."
“I really don't know if I would've been able to crawl out of the darkness that I was in," says the rocker, who got sober in 2017. Her band's latest, Always Tomorrow, is the first body of work where she feels like herself again.
Two years after her sharp, deeply personal debut Clean, 22-year-old rocker Sophie Allison is back for more. She tells EW the story behind her new album Color Theory.  
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Five months after their critically acclaimed U.F.O.F., the Brooklyn-based quartet returns with its "sibling record," Two Hands.
The fierce alt-rocker still has a lot to say, but this time she's doing it in book form. "I wanted to do something meaningful and make a stand in support of not being shallow, not hiding and concealing."
The 27-year-old singer had been hinting at a new album for years. She tells EW how it finally came to be.