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Actors turned models

Some stars have turned to the fashion arena to make a quick buck, including Jason Priestley, Sofia Coppola, and more
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Hip-hop fashion

The women of Jade lead the new feminine style trend hitting the music genre
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'Boxing Helena''s controversies

How the film's strange marriage of love and amputation turned off much of Hollywood
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Skinny supermodel

In 1967, mod gamine Twiggy arrived Stateside as fashion's new waif
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Dressing Lenny Kravitz

Stylist Arianne Phillips pushes the fashion envelope
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Fashion's innovators

16 style makers, including Gianni Versace and Anna Sui, who dare to push the fashion envelope
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Todd Oldham talks

We interview the quirky designer and host of MTV's ''House of Style''
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Hats in vogue

Hip-hop and skateboarding clothiers put the cool back in the old ski cap
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Fashion meets charity

Jean-Paul Gaultier dresses Billy Idol, Raquel Welch, and others for the American Foundation for AIDS Research benefit