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Fet notches a handy victory and Eichhorst suffers a big loss
Director Tim Burton — in his own words — introduces us to a new family of misfits, a group of children with some very special gifts
A flashback to younger days inspires Setrakian to form an unlikely alliance to defeat the Master
Quinlan deals a serious blow to the Master, but at what cost?
Eichhorst resolves to carry forward the Master's grand plan
Kelly makes Eph an offer he can't refuse as New York takes the fight to the strigoi
Quinlan teams with Eph to steal the Lumen while Palmer searches for a healing elixir
EW staffers share their thoughts on the show's second season finale
EW staffers share their thoughts on Tuesday's dance-inflected doubleheader
EW staffers share their thoughts on Tuesday's double header
Whitney and Peggy race against the clock to unlock the secrets of Zero Matter. And Jarvis saves the day!
Flashbacks reveal surprising moments about Peggy and Whitney Frost, while the stakes rise in present-day L.A.
Guillermo Del Toro's gorgeous Gothic romance deserves a second look
Peggy and Sousa get some help from a familiar face as Howard Stark makes his return
Ash strikes a bargain with Ruby in a blood-soaked, brain-busting, full-on 'Evil Dead'-inspired finale
As Amanda makes a not-so-surprising return, Ruby comes through with the night's biggest twist
Ash finds himself at the cabin, but maybe not in the way he imagined -- and it's curtains for one member of the team
The team confronts a gun-toting militia on the way to that cabin in the woods