Esther Zuckerman

The season kicks off with Gwen and Pharrell, and of course Blake and Adam—oh, yeah and some singers.
The coaches get sweet in the third round of blind auditions.
The blind auditions concluded as the coaches filled out their teams.
The coaches have to pit their own against one another in the first Battle Round.
Tonight's battle rounds forced the coaches to make hard choices and send a few favorites home.
The Knockout Rounds begin, but tonight it's all about Taylor Swift.
The Knockout Rounds concluded with some more Swift advice.
The live shows begin with some great performances.
The top 12 sing for their lives in the competition, and one is a little too ahead of the beat.
Both Whitney Houston and Johnny Cash are evoked in the top 10 performances.
The top five each performed a song for their coach and a song for their hometown.
The final four compete with a cover, a coach duet, and an original song.
Bodies and revelations are unearthed in the second season premiere.
Ellie's actions from last season are reconsidered.