Emily Exton

Play ball! Our lineup of best ever to hit, pitch or scout on the big screen
Phil's decision to purchase the car of his dreams causes him to reevaluate his priorities, while Cam and Mitchell look for bunnies in the subway
Luke gets some bad news, Cam's cowboy dad dukes it out with Jay over dinner, and Phil expresses his desire to be buried in a room full of a college girls
Election Day has arrived, and every family member aims to do his or her part to help get a vote for Claire. For Manny, this involves a bluetooth
Cam reconnects with his clown side following the death of a friend, while Phil vies for the listing of a lifetime
Cam's a Leap Day baby and Phil just wants to trapeze on this once-every-four-years extravaganza
Phil and Claire get drunk and make a promise that threatens to bring the extended families a lot closer. Plus, Manny rides a Jazzy
Phil's potential real estate client (Greg Kinnear) has a strange habit of leading with his lips
Lily's new favorite word and Claire's harsh public demeanor wreak havoc on a big day
Luke and Manny's science project unleashes the family's competitive spirit.
Phil's health scare tests the faith of his family members