Debbie Day

Season 1 finale features murder most foul—and, yes, also strange and unnatural.
Turns out Nurse Elkins also has a friend in Wu, who greatly admires her dainty feet.
Spiraling because of his drug dependency, Thackery finds he has a friend in Wu.
The fatal stabbing of a corrupt police officer inflames New York race relations.
Cornelia tackles Typhoid Mary to Speight's delight, and Thackery encounters a "mouldy rogue."
A disjointed Knick experience fuels a conversation about character.
The medical misfits play games and face the consequences.
Doctors Gallinger and Edwards clash, while Dr. Thackery encounters an old love suffering from a shocking ailment.
Dr. Thackery puts Nurse Elkins in her place, while others struggle to find their own.
Clive Owen and Steven Soderbergh team up for a 1900s medical drama.