Darren Orf

Gotham ends its freshman season in a confusing place.
The drama with The Ogre and Barbara comes to a head.
We're nearing the end of season 1, but tonight is all about beginnings.
Every character seems to be following separate paths to the finale.
Bullock, Gordon, and Penguin team up. And it's pretty awesome.
The famous villain gets an origin story as Bruce Wayne's builds as well.
Romantic relationships dominate an otherwise okay episode.
A murder inside Gotham Central keeps Gordon busy as Fish Mooney flees crime boss Carmine Falcone's wrath.
Arkham's newly escaped villain, the Electrocutioner, is out for vengeance, and Fish Mooney finally makes her move to become the crime boss of Gotham.
Now as a guard at the notorious Arkham Asylum, James Gordon investigates a rash of assaults that leave victims brain dead.
As assassins hunt for Cat and Bruce, Gordon learns that the Wayne's murder conspiracy goes way deeper than he thought.
Criminals take a detained bomber hostage, and Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock try to find out who is behind it all.
A mysterious fight club begins leaving its discarded victims throughout Gotham, and Gordon must find out who is behind it all.
Detective James Gordon squares off against Gotham's criminals as they seek revenge for a promise not kept.
A decade-old killer returns to Gotham, but there's just one problem: He should be dead.
A deranged scientist unleashes a deadly drug upon Gotham City, and Bruce Wayne is his next target.
A city council vote decides the fate of Gotham's Arkham Asylum, and the wrong result could plunge the city into a deadly gang war.
A vigilante named Balloonman kills only Gotham's corrupt and puts Jim Gordon's own allegiances to justice in question.
Selina Kyle finds herself caught in the middle of a child trafficking ring and Jim Gordon is her only hope.
Detective James Gordon tears apart Gotham to answer one question: Who killed Bruce Wayne's parents?