Darlene Aderoju

PEOPLE, Music Writer and Reporter

"I'm single. I've endured too much betrayal and hurt behind the scenes for a false narrative to be circulating that degrades my character," Saweetie tweeted on Friday.
"F— the Grammys and everyone associated," he wrote after releasing his latest album months after the eligibility period ended.
The emcee claims Salt-N-Pepa terminated her via email in 2019 and "wrongfully excluded" her from the making of Lifetime's newly released biopic on the trio.
The star's rendition of Bob Merrill's "Honeycomb" became his biggest hit and charted for four weeks.
No One Sings Like You Anymore "is so special because it is a complete work of art that Chris created from start to finish," the late singer's wife Vicky said.
"She doesn't like me though, I know she doesn't like me," Williams said about the singer