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Daniel Fierman is a staff writer for EW

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Ed McMahon: His life in showbiz

In 2005, EW sat down with Ed McMahon -- who died today at age 86 -- for this guided tour of his long career
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Harry Potter's last chapter

As the last in J.K. Rowling's series, ''Deathly Hallows'' upped the ante on Potter-fan frenzy
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Clooney and Pitt riff on ''Ocean's Thirteen''

The pals chat with EW about outsmarting the paparazzi, babies on the set, their ''Nutty'' next project -- and saying no to Speedos
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A probing Q&A with Michael Moore

The controversial director talks about his new ''Sicko,'' revamping the U.S. insurance system, his trip to Cuba, and...''Canadian Bacon 2''?
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