Christina Ciammaichelli

Monica returns in time to help Debbie get Franny, and the thrupple goes to therapy
Lip and Debbie's luck gets worse; Kev is at a crossroads with his wives
Once again, they played us all for fools
'It should scare everybody,' says 'The View' co-host after Steve Bannon's appointment
Fiona questions her investment, Liam heads off to school, and Debbie has a rough day
None of the Keating Five are under the sheet -- so who is?
Fiona makes a risky investment, Svetlana is caught in a lie, and Debbie gets engaged
Frank returns to Philly, and another member of the Keating Five is revealed to be safe
Everyone finds themselves on the brink of new money-making ventures
Breakups and makeouts and death threats, oh my!
New Fiona takes effect; Ian makes a new friend
Frank and Bonnie's relationship heats up, while Annalise does a lot of drunk dancing
Annalise yells at everyone, Laurel is alive, and Frank kills again
Nooks and Fannies is up and running; Fiona really lays down the law
Fiona is fierce; Ian is single; Frank does something stupid again