Charles Curtis

Back in L.A. after shooting an indie film in New York, Eric and Vince no longer seem intimidated by the manic agent
Despite personal and professional temptations, the men end the second season united
The little manager's flirtation with both Ari's senior partner Terrance and Terrance's daughter gives him the upper hand
While the elder Chase brother finally scores at an audition, the younger realizes he can't get over Mandy Moore
Eric straightens out his personal life, while Ari and Jaime Pressly show the bad side of Hollywood as only pay cable can
The superagent plots an in-house revolt at his company and winds up getting stabbed in the back; meanwhile, Mandy Moore dumps Vince again
Just when Eric and Ari are feeling like the kings of the world, they learn that Vince might lose his starmaking role in ''Aquaman''
His Chinese energy-drink commercial provides a bigger payoff than Turtle's videogame tournament
Ari and Eric trade fibs; meanwhile, Turtle shows some talent as a rap-music impresario
Senior agent Terrance makes a play for Vince at Ari's daughter's bat mitzvah; later, Mandy Moore seconds Vince's emotions
Eric and Vince say no to the dreaded indie producer Harvey Weingard and win ''Aquaman''
The B-lister connects with his B-plus-lister former costar at a comic-book convention; meanwhile, Vince continues to have Mandy troubles
Johnny Drama's monkey business nearly keeps the boys from a night at Hefner's
The boys' new neighbor, Mr. Full House, shows them his dark side, while Eric and Ari continue their pursuit of James Cameron
The ''Melinda and Melinda'' actress gives high marks to the neurotic director
The former alien commander discusses working with Jane Curtin and co-star French Stewart's squinting
In the first-season finale, brooding Chuck edges out manic Richard by demonstrating slightly better interpersonal skills
As Scott dodges the ax once again, former fan favorite Constantine finds his neck on the line
Former supermodel Janice Dickinson pronounces judgment on the six B-listers who share a house with her on VH1's celebreality show