Brandon Nowalk

The episode in which everything really starts to fall apart.
Everyone is calling one another out.
Date night brings Brett and Michelle to the brink, while Alex hits if off with Tina's hometown friend.
Brett's premiere brings everyone to a turning point.
Michelle tries to take charge in the bedroom, and Tina decides to whip Alex into shape.
Four loved ones face existential disappointment on a day together around Los Angeles.
Tina joins her old Thundergirl troop to figure out which member is a mole.
Bob is forced to confront his daddy issues at his father's Christmas party.
Bob loses his special ingredient, so he sends the kids on a mission to find it.
A flock of psycho turkeys goes Dawn of the Dead on the Belchers.
When they find out eating burgers daily isn't great for their health, Bob and Teddy go to boot camp together.
Halloween came a little late in the Belcher household.
When Gene's idea gets rejected for a Working Girl musical, Louise helps him put on a rival Die Hard musical the same night.