Benjamin Svetkey


The pandemic isn't just putting release dates on hold. It could transform Hollywood as we know it.
BEN AFFLECK & CHARLIZE THERON (not to mention a stack of dead Santas) join in for director John Frankenheimer's "Reindeer Games"
Wattle fetishes. Size matters. Dancing babies. Cappuccino foam. Unisex bathrooms. Microminiskirts.
James Bond is a half century old? Shocking. Positively shocking. Of course, 007 only gets better with age, which is why we're celebrating him with a complete guide to the movies (including the newest, ''Skyfall''), exclusive photos, and a tribute to Bond's best gadgets. But first, EW's Benjamin Svetkey looks back on 18 years of covering the spy we love.
Bush Sr. will star in a documentary about his everyday life
Film producer Shawn Levy has changed the movie title from ''Neighborhood Watch'' to ''The Watch'' to disassociate it from the controversy surrounding Florida teen Trayvon Martin's killing
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After years away from the spotlight, the ''Saturday Night Live'' alum is back on a hit TV show. We talked to him about his drug habit, his comeback, and the controversial comedy on ''Girls''
He plays a charming prince opposite Julia Roberts in ''Mirror Mirror,'' and he's the real-life heir to an oil fortune. But this guy doesn't expect the royal treatment
Now get ready to share him with the rest of the planet. The ''Parks and Recreation'' star emerges as a true leading man in the new romantic comedy ''Friends With Kids''
The ''American History X'' helmer recruits Adrien Brody, ''Mad Men'' star Christina Hendricks, James Caan, and more for his follow-up film... 13 years later