Ariel Kay

Lucious' dark deeds catch up to him — but it's Jamal who pays for them
Four estranged friends are thrust back together by a violent event that brings old trauma bubbling to the surface
Harlee must make a terrible decision between saving herself, her crew, or her daughter
In the season's penultimate episode, Harlee and Wozniak barely stay one step ahead of Linklater and the law
The crew sets out to bag their millions — but unforeseen complications arise
The details of Wozniak's big job take shape
Harlee takes her first steps toward making things right
Harlee puts Wozniak on the defensive
Sap's fate hangs in the balance as Wozniak contemplates completing his latest paranoid betrayal
Woz's suspicions solidify, and someone pays the ultimate price
A drastic, disturbing revenge plot reveals just how far Wozniak will go to maintain his power
The crew turns on Loman, and Harlee turns on Woz
Stahl goes too far, and the truth about Woz comes out
As Woz's desperate search for the mole continues, Harlee intentionally puts herself in harm's way
J. Lo's first outing as compromised cop Harlee Santos features evidence tampering, betrayal, and murder
A winner is crowned — but with performances from The Weeknd, Missy Elliott, and Justin Bieber, all 'Voice' fans were winners tonight
The very final performances of season 9 bring us one step closer to crowning a winner
The singers are in for the toughest cuts of the season, and only the magic of Dolly Parton can ease the blow
The Semifinals are full of surprises, both from frontrunners and from singers you might have counted out.
Sia wins 'The Voice,' congratulations to Sia.
Singers step up in the final week before the biggest cut of the season
One coach experiences a tough blow as only ten singers move ahead.
The very first Instant Save of the season goes to...
The Top 12 vie to become the Top 11.