Ann Hodgman

The show looked cool, and Dakota showed star power, but the sketches fell flat, and he Breakfast Club had poor attendance
Mary Alice and Paul tell all; Tom puts Lynette back to work; and Susan and Mike are under the gun
Tom is unemployed, Carlos is jailed; and Rex is hospitalized. Meanwhile, new neighbors might shake things up even more
Susan finds some answers about her boyfriend's past, but the other wives' romantic lives lead to some bizarre behavior
A question-answering episode sets up the season's final revelations
Andrew fools his mother again, but most of the other story lines bog down in conversation
John or Carlos gets Gabrielle pregnant; Susan's mom moves in; and we learn some shocking secrets about the mysterious Dana
The New York team gets to play in the snow while hunting for clues to a vicious murder
Tabloidy plots drive a week of high-quality shows
The Vegas team learns that truth is stranger -- and goofier -- than detective fiction, while the New Yorkers find cool murders all around the town
Miami came on like gangbusters; Vegas got under your skin
In a week of flashy stories, Miami's drug plot is dopey, but New York is a sleeper hit
The week's episodes ran from a waste of time (Miami) to an all-time best (New York)
Although we kinda liked Miami's death by falling thief and we worried that the Vegas team might break up, Thanksgiving week's shows were turkeys
Despite cool pirates in Miami and severed fingers in New York, Vegas's transgender murder is the most engaging tale
In a moving Miami story, a severed head provides a classic gross-out, but New York's promising auto-amputation plot has its end chopped off
While New York fails to dig very deep and Miami can't quite catch a wave, Vegas gets its man
New York rappers get violent, Vegas couples get prurient, and a Miami death gets recurrent
The shows taught us that female crime scene investigators always let their hair down, an all-natural drink can keep you flushed with youth, and O.J. Simpson is innocent
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