Amy Wilkinson

Claire and Jamie come face to face with several ghosts from their past in Jamaica
Claire casts away and finds salvation in an unlikely place
Claire sails farther and farther from Jamie as she tends to the ailing men of the Porpoise
Claire and Jamie take to the high seas
Laoghaire returns with a bang.
Jamie's businesses go up in flames (one quite literally)
Claire and Jamie (finally!) get hot and heavy after 20 years apart
Serial-killer confessions (not for the faint of heart)
Claire learns more about Jamie's fate and makes a monumental decision
Jamie's secrets catch up to him again
It was all just Karen's dream — mostly
Claire and Frank's relationship hits a low point, while Jamie reunites with an old foe in prison.
Six years in hiding has changed Jamie -- and we're not just talking about the beard.
Separated by two centuries, star-crossed loves Jamie and Claire make lives for themselves apart. For now.
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