Amber Ray

Molly begins to suspect Lester is involved with the murders, while the Fargo muscle arrives in Bemidji to start an investigation of their own. Malvo takes on a new client: the Supermarket King of Minnesota.
Molly's "naked fella" investigation turns up a surprising clue, Lester's return to work leads to more trouble, Malvo gets into the blackmail game, and Gus comes clean
Gus and Molly think they have a break in the case, Numbers and Wrench think they have their man, and Malvo thinks he can outsmart everyone.
Lester's close call leads to a break for Molly, while Grimly gets caught up in Malvo's plan, which is nearly complete.
Malvo's plan results in unexpected consequences while Lester hatches a devious scheme of his own.
Lester's heartless plan is set in motion while Malvo seeks revenge and Key and Peele make their debut.
Molly, Lester, Malvo, and those around them attempt to move on from the murders in surprising ways.
Lester crosses Malvo's path once again, while a new investigation leads Molly to familiar questions.
Molly and the FBI use Lester as bait to draw out Malvo, while Gus works on a hunch.
Bill's plan to save the integrity of the study has serious consequences for Virginia. Meanwhile, his dedication to his work—and his partner—continues to leave Libby questioning her path.
A camera crew arrives to document the work of Masters and Johnson, but Bill is unsure it's the right way to promote their research.
Bill and Virginia get back to work while the Masters brothers continue to attempt a reconciliation.
Scars from their childhoods affect Bill and Barbara, who are unwilling to emotionally confront their pasts. Meanwhile, Virginia's sessions with the psychologist suddenly become personal, leading her to a realization she didn't expect, and Libby takes a stand.
Bill and Virginia take a new interest in their patients' sexual dysfunction. Bill becomes secretive while treating a couple for infertility.
The new Masters and Johnson Clinic struggles while Bill has difficulty accepting that Virginia wants to continue seeing other men.
Bill betrays the study when a reporter interviews him for an article, while Virginia tends to Lillian, who has decided to stop cancer treatment.
Tensions rise as Bill and Virginia get to work at the new hospital.
Bill and Virginia's secret is out, leading to trouble at work.
A boxing match serves as a long, recurring metaphor for Bill and Virginia's relationship and their understanding of strength and power.
Masters is tested on his first day at Memorial Hospital when a VIP patient needs emergency care. Meanwhile, Virginia must decide between staying with DePaul or following Bill.
The ceremony may be a month away, but the recent nominations provoked enough intrigue and outrage to keep viewers buzzing until the big night
The fallout from Masters' presentation affects Bill, Virginia, and everyone around them.