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Meet the ''X-Men 2'' cast

Lady Deathstrike? Pyro? Find who will play them and what happens to the eight original characters
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Just how obscene ARE ''Jackass''' DVD extras?

The complete poo-train of events, the used sex toy: Here's what you didn't see in theaters
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Jason Schwartzman answers's stupid questions

Jason Schwartzman throws his name in the 'Superman' hunt and respectfully corrects P. Diddy
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Frankie Muniz talks about Madonna and more

The ''Malcolm in the Middle'' star does his best 007 impression in his adolescent CIA pic, ''Agent Cody Banks''
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Wanda Sykes mouths off about reality TV

Here's what the soft-spoken (nah!) star of Fox's ''Wanda at Large'' has to say about her unscripted competitors
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We answer burning questions about Oscar

Will Catherine Zeta-Jones perform? What's wrong with Nicole's nose? We solve eight mysteries about the 2003 Oscars
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Why ''LOTR'''s Gollum seems so real

The voice and movements of actor Andy Serkis bring the creepy computer creation to life