Pichu from Pokemon Anime CR: Pokemon

Pokémon Go is no longer bound to the Indigo League set of Pokémon. New creatures from the Johto era, like Pichu and Togepi, are waiting to be found by players as of Dec. 12 — but they’re a bit harder to track down. That’s where IGN comes in.

The new Pokémon can be acquired by finding and hatching eggs. According to the site, 2-kilometer eggs will hatch Igglypuff (pre-evolution of Jigglypuff) and Cleffa (pre-evolution of Clefairy). Five-kilometer eggs have the chance of resulting in Pichu (pre-evolution of Pikachu) and Togepi (evolves into Togetic). Ten-kilometer eggs have also been added, and they can spawn Smoochum (pre-evolution of Jinx), Magby (pre-evolution of Magmar), and Elekid (pre-evolution of Electabuzz).

IGN notes in a video report that any eggs still in your possession after the new update probably won’t result in a Johto Pokémon. You have to go out to PokéStops to find new ones, but even then they aren’t all guaranteed to result in a Johto addition. At least the Johto Pokémon share candy with their evolved forms, so you can use Magmar candy to help evolve Magby, Electabuzz candy to evolve Elekid, and so on.

According to an announcement from Niantic, “Trainers in the United States will have even more opportunities to find these eggs at participating Sprint stores and Starbucks locations, which have recently become PokéStops and Gyms.”

Learn about more tips in the video below.