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How does Casey Affleck really feel about Dunkin’ Donuts?

“I f—in’ love Dunkin’, what are you talkin’ bout?” he said during this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live.

The Dec. 17 host starred in a hilarious pre-recorded sketch lampooning the popular coffeehouse chain’s commercials where he played up a thick Boston accent while donning a Bruins baseball cap and thick scruff as one of the popular coffeehouse chain’s “actual” customers.

Contrasted with the other patrons in the sketch — bubbly and cheerful as they described the store’s app-based ordering system and their love for Peppermint Dunkaccinos — Affleck’s “real,” blue-collar character spouted affinities for his favorite coffee brand by describing his Dunkin’-centered morning ritual.

“Yeah, I come down to Dunkin’ every day,” he said. “Grab a cruller, have an extra large, three Parliaments, take a big dump, that’s kind of the routine.”

He also brought his buddy, Dewey, into the picture, and inquired about his favorite donut.

“How do you like the Vanilla Nut Taps?” he asked before taking a cheap shot at his friend’s nether regions. The pair then scuffled, ultimately trashing the storefront display in the process.

Watch the full sketch below.

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