Hint: She didn't realize it was a shark costume
All Crops: THE BACHELOR - “Episode 2101” - NICK VIALL, ALEXIS Shark Costume
Credit: Rick Rowell

When ABC released bios for the 30 women that will be fighting for Nick Viall’s heart when the new season of The Bachelor premieres on January 2, there was one very common thread: A lot of the women talked about their love of dolphins. In fact, one of the women, Alexis, is even an “aspiring dolphin trainer.” And as fans have seen in the promos, Alexis takes her love of dolphins to the next level on night one when she shows up to meet Nick in… a shark costume?

“The only problem with the dolphin girl is if you look closely, she was wearing a shark costume,” host/executive producer Chris Harrison tells EW, before explaining, “She just didn’t know that it was a shark costume. She thought it was a dolphin costume and I had to explain to her how the fins are clearly different and a dolphin fin is curved and a shark fin is straight. I said, ‘You have a shark costume on,’ and she was like, ‘No but I love dolphins.'”

So, as long as Nick doesn’t have a problem with a woman who thinks all ocean creatures look alike, maybe Alexis still has a shot?

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The Bachelor premieres Monday, Jan. 2 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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