All Crops: SPOILER ROOM Chris Wood on Supergirl, Sophia Bush on Chicago PD and Josh Dallas on Once Upon a Time
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When is Mon-El revealing the secret he was going to tell Kara about on Supergirl? And how is she going to react to it? — Marah

Kara probably won’t react very well considering there are aliens hunting Mon-El down. “Secrets are never healthy in a relationship and obviously Mon-El is holding onto something,” EP Andrew Kreisberg says. “We got a little taste that his life on Daxam might not be as over as we think from the glimpse of the space farers, who are on the hunt for him. So it will definitely play a big part in their relationship moving forward.” As for what the secret is, the running theory is that Mon-El is actually the Daxamite prince. “No comment,” Kreisberg says.

Things with Lindsay and Halstead seem to be smoooooth sailing lately on Chicago P.D. Are there wedding bells in their near future? — Chase

Well, things aren’t going to stay so smooth during the big welcome back crossover episode in January. A confusing case involving one of Lindsay’s former flames (hint: it’s Severide!) will cause some complicated feelings. Can they survive it? Well…

On Once Upon a Time, how many episodes will the Snowing curse last? — SnowingFan

Unfortunately, it’s going to be a while. The pressure of the curse paired with Charming being ready to kill the Evil Queen and the lingering question of what really happened to his father means David is not doing OK. “What we’re seeing through David is somebody who is at his wits end,” EP Edward Kitsis says. “This curse with his wife, I think that what we’re seeing is that he’s staying up too late. Without Snow, you’re seeing him starting to give into darker impulses. We’re going to see him have to confront his own demons.”

I love the flashback episode coming up on Big Bang Theory. Anything you can tease for the other characters? — Kylie

I can reveal that Laurie Metcalf will return as Sheldon’s mom in the winter premiere. “Sheldon and Amy go back to Texas to let Sheldon’s mom finally know that they’re living in sin together,” EP Steve Molaro says. So while they’re in Texas, and Howard and Bernadette are dealing with the baby, Penny and Leonard’s story is “ridiculously fun,” Molaro says. “Leonard and Penny are out having the best Christmas ever, until they decide to go to a farm and chop down their own tree. It just spirals down real fast.”

Any Blindspot scoop? Thanks! — Audrey

Good news, Jeller fans: Jane and Weller are on the road to recovery! “Both Weller and Jane have gone through a very traumatic experience the last season and a half, and they are uniquely capable of understanding each other in a way that I don’t think anybody else can,” executive producer Martin Gero says. “Their friendship and relationship really blossoms in the second half of the season.”

Now that Dawson and Casey are married on Chicago Fire, are they going to have an easier time adopting Louie? Or is his biological father going to get in the way? — Warren

The road to adopting Louie is certainly still very bumpy when the two-part Fire/P.D. crossover concludes, but you’ll find an interesting twist when it comes to his bio-dad. In fact, you may even find yourself feeling bad for the guy. One other thing to get excited about: Monica Raymund’s performance during a meeting with Louie’s father is arguably her best on the series to date.

Anything for Timeless to tide us over before it comes back? — Sarah

Here’s a tiny tidbit to keep you intrigued: EP Eric Kripke says to keep an eye on Agent Christopher’s moves outside of all the time-traveling. “At this point, she’s becoming a useful ally to our team,” he says. “She knows she can’t trust Mason and has to be very careful, so we have a season-wide plan for her… She’s a good cop and she knows she has to build a case.”

How will Reagan shake things up on New Girl now that she’s back? — Cheryl

Nick will be ecstatic to have Reagan finally see his passion project. “There’s a fun storyline developing for Nick this season about his growth,” EP Brett Baer says. “He’s becoming an adult, but his passion in life has really been his writing, so he wrote a book this year for [Julius] Pepperwood and even more important to him than the book is Reagan’s responses and thoughts about it. There’s an episode going through the pain of Nick finally giving the book to her.” Adds EP Dave Finkel: “There’s nothing more tense than giving your loved ones something you creatively toiled over.” Fingers crossed (or not?) their relationship survives Nick’s writing.

Anything on Jace in season 2 of Shadowhunters? — Mary

Considering that the new season picks up only minutes after the season 1 finale, Jace will still be off with Valentine when we catch up with him. But if you thought joining Valentine’s army was going to be the worst of it, think again. “Things get worse for Jace before they get better,” Dominic Sherwood says. “He’s struggling with new information that he’s being given by Valentine and really has no support system anymore because his friends aren’t with him, he can’t get to them. He’s really a fish out of water and in a bit of trouble at the beginning of season 2.”

What the heck is taking so long with that DNA test on The Royals? — Rebecca

You won’t have to wonder much longer to find out if Liam and Eleanor are really the offspring of King Simon, but sometimes the fun is in the waiting game. Queen Helena winds up doing something we plebs would do: stays in bed, binges on trashy reality TV, and eats marshmallows.

This week in TV: I can’t wait to see John Locke vs Jean Grey on The Blacklist: Redemption!

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