By Nick Romano
December 16, 2016 at 03:20 PM EST
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Netflix has a special holiday surprise for Sense8 fans before season 2 premieres in the new year. On Friday, Dec. 23, the streaming platform will release Sense8 — A Christmas Special, and now there’s a trailer with enough holiday cheer to fill the entire cluster. 

The special is a two-hour treat from the Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski, the masterminds of the series, which tells the story of eight disparate people mentally linked to each other. According to a press release, the continuation will be “finding deeper connections, learning darker, more desperate secrets about one another, and struggling to identify with more than just oneself.” 

The footage shows us a little of what that means: Wolfgang (Max Riemelt) will need to channel Sun (Doona Bae) to fight his way out of a close call, Lito (Miguel Angel Silvestre) finds himself in a publicly dicey situation, Kala (Tina Desai) and Riley (Tuppence Middleton) keep up the romance with the men in their heads, and Whispers is after Will (Brian J. Smith). 

“There’s something about birthdays and holiday celebrations,” Lana Wachowski said in a video message. “We notice things about each other. We see how tall kids have grown. We notice how much our hair’s gone gray. #GoPink. Holidays can make you feel so connected in the way that holidays can make you feel so isolated and alone. I wanted to tell a story in this first episode that was kind of about time and presence and how these new lives of these characters made them feel empowered, like they can do anything as long as they’re together.” 

Watch her full commentary below. 

Sense8 season 2 will premiere on May 5, 2017 with 10 new episodes, but this special will help hold fans over. Watch the trailer above. 

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