ALL CROPS: Felicity Jones on Graham Norton - 12/16/16
Credit: BBC

Ah, the perks of fame.

Felicity Jones stopped by the Graham Norton Show on Friday to promote that little movie she’s currently starring in, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

During the interview, Norton brought up “nerd fans” and their level of devotion to the series, including getting tattoos of the franchise’s characters. “Where there are nerd fans, there are nerd tattoos,” Norton commented.

Jones agreed with the host and began to tell a story about a fan who got a tattoo of her face. “I came across a male who has had the character of Jyn tattooed onto his…calf,” shared the actress, who plays Jyn Erso, an outlaw recruited by the Rebel Alliance to steal the plans for the Galactic Empire’s Death Star. However, due to a slight pause in her delivery of the story, the other guests on the show (including Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel) and Norton himself thought she was going to reveal that the tattoo was in another, um, more private place on the fan’s body.

“Oh, I was really worried for a second,” said Norton while Jones dissolved in giggles. “I know we’ve got a picture of it, but I don’t think we can show that!”

Norton then pulled up a photo of the impressive tattoo to show the audience. “It’s actually kind of an oddly good likeness for a tattoo,” he added.

“Yeah,” agreed Jones, “I’m just worried about what happens when the hair grows back. I’m going to be a bearded lady.”

Watch the clip above and catch a non-bearded Jones in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in theaters now.

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