ALL CROPS: Hell or High Water (2016) Jeff Bridges
Credit: Lorey Sebastian

According to Jeff Bridges, the thing that brings the most excitement to acting is that “you’re often asked to enter a world that you’re not familiar with.”

That logic was the actor’s reasoning for choosing to study actual Texas Rangers to gear up for his role as Marcus Hamilton in Hell or High Water. Bridges recently sat down with EW to discuss his role in the crime drama along with the steps he took to prepare for it.

“Each scene, you have the task of making it seem like it’s happening for the first time,” he started. “That’s kind of the challenge through them all and creating the right tone.”

Bridges then attributed his ability to “unlock the character” of Hamilton to the help of a friend and former Texas Ranger by the name of Joaquin Jackson, who visited the set and offered the actor his expertise.

“He was on the set keeping us all kind of in line, inspiring me, certainly, and my buddy Gil Birmingham as well,” he said.

Watch the full clip above, and head here for more on Bridges about Hell or High Water.

Hell or High Water
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