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As its episode title suggests, things “Get Real” in the season 3 finale of Younger, when fortysomething publishing assistant Liza (Sutton Foster) finally confesses to friend and co-worker Kelsey (Hilary Duff) that she’s not the twentysomething she’s purported to be for the last three seasons. And that’s not the only revelation from the two-parter that aired on TV Land Wednesday night. In the previous Montauk-set episode, “A Book Fair to Remember,” Liza’s younger love interest Josh (Nico Tortorella) is about to propose…until he catches Liza making out with her boss Charles (Peter Hermann). What a tangled web indeed! We hopped on the phone with Foster to try to make sense of season 3’s big cliffhangers and find out what’s in store for our favorite faux millennial when the series returns next year.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s start with the most important cliffhanger: Will or won’t Millennial be publishing the Labradoodle book?

SUTTON FOSTER: [Laughs] I know, right? Where did that go? In the original script of [episode] 12, there is a scene that was actually cut where Kelsey is like, “Why is this manuscript on my desk? I thought we said no to this.” And she finally calls me out on it. It’s a very intense scene — I don’t know why they cut it. Maybe they want to save it for season 4… Liza does some pretty s—-y things in these last couple of episodes, but I think that her going behind Kelsey’s back like that and signing an author to save her ass is the worst thing she’s done.

Well, speaking of s—-y things Liza has done, we obviously need to talk about her break-up with Josh. What a brutal scene: Josh — about to propose to Liza — sees her kissing her boss Charles. What was it like to film that?

It was crazy. The writers don’t tell us anything; they hold everything real close to the vest, [so] we found out like late, late, late in the season. They said, “It’s going to be rough for Liza these last couple of episodes. We’re really going to put you through the ringer.” I was like, “Okay.” She finally gets this moment with Charles too. That’s what’s so crazy about the show. You’re kind of rooting for her to be with both of those guys and she ends up with nobody.

If only this could be a Big Love situation!

Exactly. She finally gets this super-romantic, great moment with Charles and then having Josh see that. It’s just awful. And [the actors] all love each other so much, we’re like, “Oh no!” I think it will be really interesting going into season 4. Liza kind of has nobody right now. Who knows how Kelsey is going to react. [Liza] doesn’t have a man. Josh is done with her. Although, I do know that Nico will be back in season 4. I’m pretty sure, but I don’t know — it won’t be in the capacity of Liza’s love interest.

I was curious about that. How is he in her world but not with her?

Maybe they do a tattoo book. I don’t know.

Yeah, once the Labradoodle book becomes a New York Times bestseller, Millennial will move on to the tattoo book.

Exactly. Who knows. I don’t put anything past the writers. I think they are very smart and very clever, and I think there are many ways… Maybe Josh will start dating Kelsey.

Wow, that would be…painful!

Yeah, that’d be horrible. They’re both so mad. They turn to each other to, like, console one another because they’ve been betrayed by Liza and they can’t help it and they fall in love.

I love that you’re basically writing Younger fanfic right now. You’ve got it all figured out! That does bring up another important topic, though. The real cliffhanger is how Kelsey will react to learning the truth about Liza. Honestly, that’s the relationship I’m most concerned about. What’s going to happen to Kelsey and Liza?

I know, right? It’s going to change the dynamic in the show. The show keeps changing every year as more people find out, but I have no idea. I don’t think she’s going to take it well. I will be curious because it will affect Liza at Empirical and at Millennial. There has to be a reason for Liza to continue to tell this lie, as far as her work is concerned. So I’ll be curious as to what will come up to force her to continue the charade… I can only speculate. Even among the cast members we were talking about what we think but based on nothing other than our own speculation.

And then there’s Charles. I know the writers don’t tell you a lot but do you have any idea whether Liza will be single for a while or is a relationship with Charles now a possibility?

I don’t know. There’s part of me that really would love to see Liza on her own for a little bit. So much of her storyline the past two seasons has revolved around guys, and I think it could be really interesting to see her single for a little while. [But] I would hate for [the thing with Charles] not to be fully explored. It seems like an inevitable thing whether in season 4 or whenever. Who knows if that’s who she’s meant to be with.

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It does seem like the writers have done a good job planting little seeds for that, like how Liza is so good with his children. You can picture them having a life together.

Totally. I mean, this is coming from me, that is something I’d love to see explored. But maybe when they come together it will be like the fantasy is more exciting than the reality of it.

Do you have any intel on season 4? When will you be going back to work?

The only thing I’ve heard — and it’s all rumblings and nothing is definitive — I think the writers go back to the writers’ room in January. And we’ll be looking to start filming in April. But, again, it’s all tentative.

Do you have any season 4 dreams?

[Sings “season 4 dreams!”] No. I kind of enjoyed going on a field trip this season. Going to Montauk was really fun. That would be fun to do something like that again, to travel somewhere. It’s really fun being on a show where you just feel like you’re in great hands. [Creator] Darren [Star] is a master at telling amazing stories and just the whole writing staff is awesome, so I feel excited to be led wherever they’re going to lead us. I’m along for the ride.

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