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It’s not Making a Trollhunter, but hey, it’s close.

Coming to Netflix in all its bingeworthy glory next week, Guillermo del Toro’s newest narrative vision is slightly more family-friendly — but no less thrilling — than audiences may be used to. Trollhunters comes from DreamWorks Animation and introduces a divinely crafted fantasy world that tells an original tale about an average high schooler thrust into a world of something greater and Guillermo-er.

Mythology and magic clash for Jim (Anton Yelchin), a teenager who unwittingly becomes a defender of the phospholuminescent civilization of trolls that live beneath his town. In a new featurette which you can watch here, several of the cast members assembled by creator Del Toro and company shared their excitement about the project, which drops a whopping 26 episodes on Dec. 23.

Kelsey Grammer is perhaps most notable, playing six-eyed troll ally Blinky, while Ron Perlman (reuniting with Hellboy director Del Toro) voices Bular, the villain and primary antagonist to Jim and Blinky’s pursuits. Charlie Saxton voices Jim’s human pal Toby, while The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun gives life to bully Steve. The ensemble also includes Lexi Medrano as Claire, Jonathan Hyde as Mr. Strickler, James Purefoy as Kanjigar, Fred Tatasciore as Aaarrrgh!, and Amy Landecker as Barbara.

The series also bears some of the final work of Yelchin, the 27-year-old actor who passed away earlier this year. Yelchin’s vocal performance in the series was profoundly nuanced on its own, but in the wake of tragedy, the first season of the series serves as a final tribute to his many talents.

Trollhunters premieres Dec. 23 on Netflix.

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