Colbert singing like Sinatra
Credit: CBS

Few people in the media predicted that Donald Trump would actually win the presidential election. As Trump revealed at a recent speech, even he didn’t see it coming. In fact, he said at one point on Election Night, he went to his wife Melania and told her, “Baby, we’re not gonna win tonight.” Stephen Colbert responded to this quote on Wednesday night by making up a song, “Baby We’re Not Gonna Win Tonight,” and singing it like Frank Sinatra.

“Wow, the fact that he was shocked makes me feel closer to Donald Trump,” Colbert said. “I didn’t know this, but it turns out he also would’ve been unprepared to host my Election Night show. That makes two of us.”


“I can’t believe a trick this obvious took down the most sophisticated campaign in history,” Colbert said. “That’d be like winning World War II by luring Hitler out of his bunker with a fake lady Hitler.”

Colbert then went back to the Sinatra well, proceeding to sing a brief swing number called “Fake Lady Hitler.”

Watch the clip below.

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