Out of all of Deadpool's zingers, here's the one that you didn't see in the finished film.
All Crops: Deadpool (2016) Ryan Reynolds Writer: Title: Object Name: DEADPOOL Credit: Joe Lederer

Deadpool isn’t a man of few words. And neither is Ryan Reynolds. To play the sarcastic mercenary in this year’s blockbuster, EW’s Entertainer of the Year would actually prepare 10-15 different jokes for certain scenes.

“In between takes I’m just looking at them and I’m trying different ones,” says Reynolds. “I do improv but it’s no where near the caliber of [costar] T.J. Miller. His mouth should be in the Smithsonian. The rest of him is garbage. But his mouth is truly unbelievable.”

Since Reynolds gave so many options for the filmmakers, we asked if he had a favorite line from Deadpool that ended up on the cutting room floor. Reveals the actor, “Blind Al (Leslie Uggams) says something about our duplex we live in. I say, “This isn’t a duplex — it’s hepatitis holding still.” That was one of my favorite lines, which is sorta slightly stolen from Funny Farm: “This ain’t a bridge — it’s termites holding hands.” So I can’t take credit for it.”

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